Expolaroid is a cultural organization which leads actions meant to promote activities and manifestations related to all forms and all brands of instant films (current, obsolete or yet to come), whether through live practice, exhibitions or demonstrations. The organization’s actions are mainly based on an annual event named « Expolaroid : the month of Polaroid and instant film ». This event cares to gather intitiatives and resources of the Polaroid community around photography’s most famous media.

You can get involved in the project « EXPOLAROID, THE MONTH OF POLAROID » by organizing an exhibition of photography with POLAROID films or any other instant films, anywhere nearby, in bars, galleries, shops or even in your own home : in APRIL.

/// Artists, collectives, organizations, private individuals, professionals or non-professionals.
To participate to the festival, you can submit your events here.

The team is only made up of volonteers who work through the year to prepare the festival. 
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